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    Thinking about an iPhone
    Well the iPhone is $400 now, and I'm in the market for a new phone. My roommate has one and its a really outstanding little device. Well with some money on the side, and a really big bag of change, I already have $200 dollars ready to go. So it will cost me about $200 more than I am already ready to spend. I only have very limited experience with the iPhones, so I dont know anything about them really. Will I have to upgrade my plan? Im on a family plan, and I'm just a college student living away from home, so my dad pays for my cell bill right now, but I just don't have the ability to upgrade the plan if I have to. My plan has everything I need now anyway, so breaking from the plan I have now would just be plain stupid (great, yet another monthly expense) So could I just drive to the AT&T store and buy it? Or is it more than that? Is there anything I'm missing? Anything someone should fill me in about? Would you do it? For $200 extra?

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    If you have an existing family plan through AT&T you should be OK. MY wife and I had the Cingular family share paln, then it was moved over to AT&T when Cingular was bought. She and I both had the free RAZR v3's to use on our plan. After the $200 price drop, I decided to make the iPhone plunge. All I had to do was go to the AT&T store and buy the phone ($425 including tax). I went home and when activating it through iTunes I added the required $20 iPhone Data Plan to my account. This went smoothly and did not affect our overall Family plan or my wife's service rates. It simply added $20 to the overall bill. The $20 is simply associated with my phone number like any other extra service one would add a-la-carte. Hope that helps.
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    Am I taking crazy pills, or did you post this yesterday in another thread?
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    Quote Originally Posted by fleurya View Post
    Am I taking crazy pills, or did you post this yesterday in another thread?
    While you may be crazy, this is a duplicate thread.
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