Well I recently purchased an Itouch last week and I love it. I love the music, video, everything about it. I have no problems with it at all. I love sitting on a couch and without getting up getting blazing fast speeds of wifi internet on your ipod. I love the itunes store, everything about it.

But I think its only going to get better. With word that it may have bluetooth it in, for me this is big because I can play it in my car, and I have a samsung blackjack which has internet sharing via bluetooth.

But anyways I have a quick question;

When I use the internet many times it says that I am using an Iphone, I am look, oo thats cool. This isnt always the best thing though, some sites I visit were made for a mobile phone, in this case iphone, and arn't like they would be on a regular safari web browser. Sometimes it does, and other times it doesnt.

One site that does this for me alot is facebook.com. I will go to facebook.com, it will be the same and etc, I log on and its the same, but after 5 mins it seems to think its a iphone and goes to www.iphone.facebook.com or something along those lines.

Is there a way to stop this?

Also does anyone know if apple will allow 3rd party apps on the itouch and will not "nuke" them like I am hearing about cracked iphones and the dangers application files on iphone?