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Thread: HELP! contacts disappeared!

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    Question HELP! contacts disappeared!
    I went to send an email the other day and noticed none of my contacts were in address book. I have been syncing regularly and wasn't sure what happened. I went to sync my phone today, and in i itunes i saw "deleting contacts" flash by and now i have no contacts on my phone or mac. What happened????

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    i also just noticed that the only contact i entered into my phone since my last sync is the only one that is still on my phone and mac. I don't know if this helps any. The weird thing is after i entered it on my phone, it wouldn't show up later. I didn't do a sync after i entered it, but now that everything is gone, it finally shows up. WTF!? Anyone have any ideas??

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    Totally sucks, I had the same thing happen to me. Fortunately I had my contacts on my iPod as well. Some how my contacts disappeared on my mac and then when I synced they erased off my phone. I probably could have avoided this when during the sync it asked something like, more than half of your contacts are going to be changed do you want to continue. I should have said no instead of yes.

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