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    iphone as an organisational tool
    how good is the iphone as an organisational tool?

    i have a macbook (how did you guess?) and i use entourage religiously for contacts/calendars/mail etc and i have been looking for a pda which would sync with this and allow me to view mail already received (no need for real time receiving as my phone will be docking a fair amount) as i may need to find details from emails when im on the road.

    what is the calendar like? easy to input? use?


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    Good sync, but poor functionality
    If you have everything organized on your Mac, you'll get really a really good sync with the iPhone to have access to your calendars and contacts.

    Unfortunately, that's about where it ends. Though you can create notes on the iPhone, you can't sync them. Also, you can't attach notes or contacts to events, nor can you use categories on the iPhone.

    As for email, the biggest drawback is the tedium involved in deleting messages en masse. If you have an email account that is bombarded by spam, you'll spend a long time cleaning out your iPhone because messages have to be deleted one by one.

    I keep an iPhone only account, and set rules on my desktop as to which messages I want forwarded. If I'm away for a while, I'll usually use webmail to check up on my email accounts through Safari.

    So, as a full-featured PIM, it's pretty disappointing. Then again, there are some pretty good web-based tools that you can use through the browser, so it may not be a deal breaker.

    It's still the best phone, ipod and portable internet device you can get in this shape and size. Despite its somewhat limited feature set in this particular area, it's still a joy to use.

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