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Thread: Syncing outlook 2003 contacts through iTunes to iPhone

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    Unhappy Syncing outlook 2003 contacts through iTunes to iPhone
    Hello guys.

    I bought the new sexy iPhone yesterday and since then i am trying to figure out the way to trasfer my contact from my Outlook 2003 to itunes so then i can further transfer it to my iPhone.

    Here is the story:

    i bought the iphone yesterday and get it unlocked and now i am using it with T-Mobile. Everything works fine but the phone is not reading my sim contacts.

    i later on found out that i will have to sync all my contact from my old T-Mobile MDA to Outlook 2003 and then open up the iTunes, iTunes will grab all the contacts from the Outlook and will sync it to my iPhone. i followed the procedure and i see all my contact from my previous phone in Outlook. When i try to sync it with the itunes, it syncs but the contacts won't show up in my iPhone.

    its been over 48hrs now and still i am failed. i tried to look up almost all the sites over the interenet but still no luck.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if someone know how to do it plz tell me the step by step procedure how to resolve this problem... i will really appreciate it. Not only me but i am sure alot of other people are looking for this help too.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME GUS, i don't want to enter all the 300 contacts manually in my iphone

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    You did try clicking checkbox for Contacts to replace phone information under advanced sync options?
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    Thanks for the reply. Yes i did but u know what i solved the problem. After playing with it for over 2 days i finally found the way how to export my contact from outlook --> itunes and then to iPhone. i simply opened the windows address book, i transfered all my contacts to the windows address book and then from there to itunes and then to iphone cuz when you are syncing from itunes, it gives you 3 options, OUTLOOK, FROM YAHOO ADDRESS BOOK and WINDOWS ADDRESS BOOK. i select windows address book and all my contacts started to get synced. now i am really loving that phone but i wish it has the picture msging option

    Thanks dude.

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