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    So I go to the Apple Store to get my macbook fixed (2nd time screen flicker) and decide that instead of buying my iphone online, to just get it in the store. So I got one, but now I cant unlock it because they took my macbook and are repairing it. This sucks. Staring at the beautiful iPhone and not being able to use it is the worst thing ever.

    They said it would probably be a day but I called them today and they told me it was going to be another day.

    Not only that, I waited on the phone for 20 minutes for someone to finallly pick it up.

    Now I am ticked off and want my macbook back to get my iphone unlocked.

    I really hope I dont screw up the unlock and that it works with my At & T plan without the 20 dollar a month charge.

    Wish me luck and give me solace.

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    Good luck - I just got a call to say my MacBook is ready after the 2nd repair... so I am off to get it right now!

    I am going to say if it breaks down a 3rd time, I expect a replacement... I'll see how that goes down.
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