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Thread: ringtone-enabled songs dissapeared!

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    ringtone-enabled songs dissapeared!

    I downloaded itunes 7.4.2, and initially saw all the ringtone-enabled songs that i had. However, they simply disappeared and I don't know why this happened.

    and yes, the first thing i did to remedy the problem was to go to itunes view options and check and uncheck the ringtones view tab.

    I still have the ringtones view tab, except that now it doesn't have ANY enabled songs, while before I had the ringtone icon next to a number of songs.

    What is the deal here?? maybe i should restart itunes?, but that is a last resort b/c then i lose all my rating data.

    anything else to do?

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    I'm not sure what to tell you, the sole purpose of this update was to stop people from making their own ringtones...that's why I haven't updated yet.

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