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    Should I buy an iPhone?(details inside)
    With the price drop I'm really tempted to go buy one. Plus, I really hate my current phone and carrier.The original price was really the only thing keeping me from buying one. The thing is that I'm in the military and I'm deploying in January for 4 months. I'll be back in the States in May. Should I just wait until I get back? I just really suck at waiting. I want it NOW!

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    I'm thinking of getting one myself with the price much lower, especially refurbs, and no chance of 3G for a while.

    If you really want one, you can buy it now to enjoy then sell it before you leave. Get a refurb to save money. If you keep it in good shape you should be able to get near refurb prices and selling before you leave keeps you from the risk that a 3G version will be launched while you're gone and lower the value of it. At this point there almost no chance of a 3G iPhone before the end of the year.

    I'm assuming AT&T will release you of your contract or suspend it while on active duty. Thanks in advance for your service.
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