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    Talking my sweet deal on an iphone!
    I am now typing on my new iPhone. Actually, I bought it used. I was really looking forward to the iPod touch with the wifi connection. It would be great for business. But when i played with it yesterday at the apple store, i was extremely disappointed with the features and usability of the iPod. I found a craigslist item for an 8gig iphone for only $325!! So I meet with the guy and he shows me that the wifi works without the carrier... OH!! I was so excited, I pulled the cash on the spot and I've been on it for the last two days. Much more usability than that the ipod, plus the map and email links on the main screen, a camera, and i don't even care about the phone not working!! For the same price of an 8G ipod touch, I get about 3 times the usability. This is so awesome, ok, I need to quit gloating. Gotta see what apps are available for play. Later!!

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    You should definitely get (i.e. AppTapp). I literally doubled the number of icons on my screen with all of the native apps available for the iPhone.

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    congrats and nice buy. Can you switch the registration over to you so you will have the warranty?

    I can't believe on Ebay they're still selling for $500 used because someone went out and got the free unlock so they can advertise it unlocked. Fools on Ebay throwing away money never fail to amaze me.
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