Alright as most might know that i have recently switched my whole network to Mac Machines(Because they are more efficient and also built to last!Besides being able to render the best graphics for design).One thing i have always been avid about is my mobile phones,choices and basically knowledge about "Whats under the hood".
Here goes.
A2DP on the iPhone:I honestly believe that with future firmware updates this will be available on current iPhones.I do not think that apple would produce a merchandise who rules "Hands Down" With making the leader in portable music.
Example?:I purchased an Imate JASJAR when it first came out 2 years ago.Sound with bluetooth was not stable(Sound came out just like the iPhone).Then there was the firmware update which made the JASJAR A2DP to stream clear music....As it was not stated on the merchandise package or anywhere on the net that this mobile was capable of doing(After paying $1,300).My point?Gadgets,Machines etc. are usually built for the hardware,its just the developers who are working out kinks with the firmware....

My thoughts are that this portion with future updates will render a button to zoom in and zoom out and also have a light enhancement button.
Comparison?:I had a Nokia N93(Which i recently sold on ebay,but was only 5 months old)that when it first came out the camera was sluggish when flipping the screen to camera mode,also the pixel depth was kind of grainy in certain situations(compared to the sony cybershot).Once there were 2 firmware updates for the phone.It zipped and picture clarity was ALLOT better.

Other features about the iPhone:
I do not think that Steve Jobs would have just thrown a mobile together without the technology being under the hood as far as A2DP(Which everyone knows that most phones come equipped with ,without the need for a frimware upgrade),LIGHT ENHANCEMENT(which i know can and most likely be added-example:I have a Samsung SGH-D807 and it does not have flash but there is a key to enhance lighting.SGH-D807 is a low end model phone).I have several low end adn high end model phones that have keys to enhance lighting without the need for flash for night time picture taking or bad lighting.Software and firmware fixes the light issues that are current as of now....

In ending:
Not knowing much about Macs from start to finish at the begining(Only using them whilst i was in college) but constantly reading and surfing for information for the last couple of months i have grown to learn allot about Macs.
As far as mobile phones(high end1,400 to low end200)-I have owned them since 13 years of age and Sold them for 10+years now.These are just my opinions but i really do think that these functions will be available.Just look at the current firmware version:
Making the calls more clear,speaker a wee bit louder.
More stable surfing on Safari with less freezing a crashing.

Like i have stated its not all about the hardware,most of the time its just updates and waiting until they are available to update our devices.