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    Question Any REAL solutions for Skype on iPhone?

    Sorry if this has been discussed or posted somewhere before, i tried searching...

    Anyways im wondering if anyone know of any real apps developed for the iphone for skype. I've tried the safari solutions, while they work well for the IM, they really suck in terms of voice calls......because it still end up costing minutes when they issue a call back on the phone. Thats stupid... why would anyone want that anyways... stupid stupid stupid. Im using a prepaid sim through airvoice atm on my iphone, and def dont wanna waste minutes when im at my house with wifi, so im definitely waiting for a true VIOP service. (im currently subscribed to skype's one year unlimited plan so it would go really well with this.)

    So anyone know of anything? if not a real app, but perhaps a web solution that actually calls through the web to the second person instead of calling me back and costing me minutes?

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    Unfortunately, there isn't a VOIP solution for the iPhone yet, not even by third-party developers. Though I would imagine it happening eventually.

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    VOIP solution
    have you tried spreed yet? They heavily promote their service for iPhones in Germany. I couldn't test it yet, since I don't have an iPhone. However, I would like to base my buying decision on whether voip is possible or not. Please advice.


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