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    Ringtones Not From iTunes Store
    Does anyone know if it is possible to make a ringtone from songs that you didnt buy from iTunes, such as songs you downloaded from a CD or from *cough*illegal programs*cough. I think it sucks that you can only make ringtones from songs that you purchased from iTunes. Lets face it, not everyone gets all there songs from iTunes.
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    Download a program called Audacity. Use it to cut clips out of your favorite songs. You're not limited to 30 second clips either, make them whatever size you want.

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    Thanks for this program!I have downloaded iToner,iFuntastic with no success.Meaning i have over 500 GB of music that i would like to make music clips for my new iPhone,but the standard software was giving limitations and iFuntastic is a Bia' to get to work(still have not found out how to tweak the settings without it telling me its not connected to my iPhone)

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