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    Angry iphone has been acting up
    So for the past couple days my iphone has been acting up....the screen has randomly been redirecting to the home menu, or randomly shutting off at times. Also, my service is completely gone. I have been an ATT customer for quite some time and get phenominal service where ever i go...but for all of today my phone has said i have zero service while others with ATT had full service in the same spot, and also hasnt been able to log onto any internet...including wireless. Has anybody had this problem? I think i am taking it in tomorrow to the apple store...but just curious if anyone has had this problem or any suggestions for the in the mean time. Thanks!

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    Are you saying you'll be Safari or Maps and it will eventually quit and return to the home screen?
    I had a problem where I would use the iPod function and if I'd switch to Maps or Safari, eventually the music would cut out and eventually the second feature I was using (Maps, Safari) would quit as well. It was getting really really bad yeserday. It quit when I was using coverflow. It would quit 30 seconds into using Safari even if I didn't use the iPod featire. I called iPhone support and I did a restore on my own after he said it'd be easier for me to go to the store and ask for help. I've done dozens of resets and that was the second restore I've done. (This problem started occurring within a few days of owning the iPhone and I have had it since the beginning of July. With the recent restore, I've had no problems. I will give it a few days. If nothing occurs, I should be ok. Otherwise, I am rushing over to the Apple store because this is getting out of hand.
    There are also certain days ATT and EDGE work great and other days I cannot connect to EDGE at all while at work. I don't know what the deal is but it's getting rarer for me not to connect to EDGE.

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