Who here is excited about the sort of implications iPod touch and cheaper iPhones will have on the portable web market?

I'm expecting the Jive effect to kick in and causing an explosion in the portable web applications scene, what I've been calling the "organic web revolution".

Basically, iPhones loaded with Safari-to-go motivated web developers to create iPhone-exclusive apps, which very subtly got users cozy with the idea of web-only applications (as opposed to just services). Now with most iPod owners, with the touch or the cheaper iPhone they'll buy from now till after the holiday season, getting access the iPhone apps ecosystem, there's a huge potential for these devices to turn into a new platform for service delivery.

Heck, Meebo has an iPhone version. And Facebook. And a lot of other services. But for the iPhone/touch, they're apps.

And as social epidemics go, once it tips, it's become de-facto. Much like the iPod itself.

What say you?