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    iPhone updates
    hello there,
    i was sending a text meesage they other day on my 8 gb. iphone wen i accidently left my finger on 1 of the words and a mangnfying circle came up just like the 1 on emai i was wondering has this alwways been there or did they add this with 1.02 updae??? and side note if u have downloaded itunes 7.4 they have already added an ringtone tab under your iphone although they have not came out with ringtones yet.

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    Magnifying glass has always been there

    it's there incase you made a mistake and want to move your cursor back more visibly. Nice little touch!

    And i'm sure they will release the ringtones soon though
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    yeh i just guess i have not notice it but yeh i think it is a ice touch . yeh i'm anxtious for the ringtone i might be worng but i think you choose what part of the song u want to be played as rigtone . i also dont ggt why people are complaining about them charging 99 cents to make a ringtone if i call correctly at&t charged 99 cetsto buy a ringtone also

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    The thing isn't that they're charging 99 cents, it's that they're charging you 99 cents ON TOP of paying 99 cents for the song. So if you don't already own the song, you end up paying two bucks for a 30 second ringtone.

    It would have been fine if Apple only charged 20 or 30 cents on top of the cost of the song, but paying the full price of the song just to get 30 seconds out of it is just ridiculous.

    I would actually much rather use Audacity to make my own ringtone and then throw it on the iPhone via SSH, all for free.

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    yeh but isnt it the full length song that u can put on your ipod also correct me if im wwrong but your byuing a song for 99 cents but then your paying 99 cents for it to be a ringtone which is the ssame as company charge anyways

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    2 bucks a ringtone= no beuno
    Not a fanboy just enlightened.

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