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Thread: Can I get discount for refurbished iPhone?

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    Can I get discount for refurbished iPhone?
    I purchased a refurbished 4GB iPhone on August 29th for $399. I know I'm still within the 14 day window and I can likely return it but I prefer to keep it. I'v eheard of people for example getting $200 back on the 8GB iphone but how is it handled with refurbished products? Will it drop it down to $199 for example since the regular 'new' one is $299? I plan to call Thursday but want to know what common policy is before I make the call.

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    I don't see why not, however it would be a refund of $150 I would imagine becuase the 8 gb refurbished are $349.99, so they would probally say if the 4 gb was still offered refurbished it would be $249.99.

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    on the everythingiphone forum there were talks of people who did get a rebate on the 4gb iphone. Call, complain, and see what you can get

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