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    iphone service providers
    It's pretty obvious that other service providers will eventually offer the iphone. Much like what happened with the ever so popular Motorola Razr, no everyone is giving it away for free (not like that would happen with the iphone). My roommate has Cingular (now AT&T) and they f***ing suck ***. Dropped calls, he can not receive or make calls in our house, text messages and voice calls come hours later, etc... I've had Sprint since 2000 and have never had any trouble. I wish I could count on them offering the iphone next year.

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    I have no trouble with AT&T. *shrug*

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    Apple has a 5 year contract with AT&T, so don't keep your hopes up of an iPhone coming to Sprint

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    Service depends greatly on where you are in relation to the number of repeaters the company has on towers near you. Some areas are better than others.

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