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    A few questions about the iphone and .mac account
    Haven't had it that long, but haven't figured out a way to import my ical to do list from my macbook to my iphone. Is this an option or is it not possible?

    I have a .mac account and just wondering if the web gallery is part of the .mac account in a stand alone function or do you have to have i life?

    Don't know if I'll renew my .mac account, I suppose I should take advantage of all its functions. I'm interested in knowing what others do with theirs/use theirs for.

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    I wish more people replied to your post. I'd like to know a little more about the .mac thing...

    As far as the iPhone and iCal, when you have your iphone connected make sure it is selected on the left in iTunes. Then under the Info tab you can select your iCal to sync. You cannot sync to do lists, yet...

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