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    Bluetooth Headset for iPhone-Looking for easy to use, comfortable, reliable
    I read a lot of reviews of Bluetooth Headsets when I purchased my iPhone. It seemed the Jawbone was the clear winner and came out far above others in reviews. I almost waited for the Apple Bluetooth Headset but I know it's not out yet and the fact it doesn't have the earpiece to go around your ear makes me wonder how well it'll stay on.
    I ended up getting the Jawbone after the Apple Store spoke highly of it. I finally got it hooked up. Quality wise it's great. It seems simple to use and the sound quality is great. I only have two issues.
    First, it seems kind of uncomfortable. I think with changes ear pieces and maybe bending the metal some I can finally get a feel that's comfortable for me with time.
    The second is what bothers me. The noise cancellation is easy to use. I like that button but have a issue with the on/off answer/hang up button. Unfortunately it's not like the other. I feel I have to push the headset too hard. Sometimes it's hard to push it hard enough of it just presses it against my skin so hard. I read some on google and seems some others have this same issue. Is this something you get used to? Can you also answer and hang up calls on the phone itself without using the headset?
    Unfortunately I may be back to researching a good headset and I'm confused. It seems like a lot just comes down to personal preference with feel but I don't want to have to buy a lot and deal with returning items, paying restocking fees, etc. The brands that seem most popular are Jabra and Plantronics but I have seen some Motorola headsets that seem nice and I think Sony makes some nice ones. I just like the noise cancellation but are there certain brands I should look at and specific models? I want something that is light but stays on well and has good quality and most of all, easy to press buttons. Any advice?

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    Why not use the stereo headphone that came with your iPhone. Does the job and its free. That's what I am doing for now.

    My nokia bluetooth headset doesn't seem compatible with iPhone. iPhone can't even find my bluetooth headset.

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    How have people reacted to the in-line mic? I personally have never liked them. If/when I get an iPhone I'll either go for a Jawbone or Apple's depending on it's quality.
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    The new Jabra BT5020 is supposed to be super comfy and have really good call quality:
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    Quote Originally Posted by fleurya View Post
    How have people reacted to the in-line mic? I personally have never liked them. If/when I get an iPhone I'll either go for a Jawbone or Apple's depending on it's quality.

    the in-line mic works great for me.. no complaint for far. *shrugs*

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    Those stock earbuds w/ the mic didn't cut it for me. They don't stay in my ear for more than 3 seconds. I'm currently in the market for a nice earpiece, too.
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    I went with a Plantronic Voyager 520. The site says around 100 bucks, but I got it for 70 at frys. It will connect to both my iPhones at the same time. Love how loud it is, its extremely comfortable, and its faux carbon fiber look is quite nice.

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    Apples looks nice. I don't need one though, The stock ear buds work fine for me.
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    Did it ever work for you? I have a nokia bluetooth and the iphone finds it, pairs it, but it doesn't work!

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    I love my Jabra BT500.

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