I bought a iPhone last Friday and am very happy with it. The only problem I've run into is with syncing it with my Mac. I use Apple's Mail program under OS X.

I've downloaded the .pdf manual off of Apple's website for the iPhone and it seems that when syncing it syncs all the email accounts for setup and I assume changes but never actually syncs email between the two devices.

What happens is often I'm on the road during the day. I try to close Mail before I leave but if I leave it open on my laptop at home I know sometimes I get errors when trying to connect to check email. I assume this is because my laptop is trying to do this at the same time. That isn't a big deal.

The problem is I'm wondering what others on here do to keep track of email between their computer and their iPhone. I know with standard pop email like I use I can choose to keep it on the server or erase it. I'm scared to use the erase option on either since if I'm on the go and leave it open at home I won't get emails and same vice versa since I would then get it on the iPhone and not at home and I deal with most email at home.

Is it possible to turn email off? I have it set to manual checking but even without going into email is still seems to get emails.

Is it possible also in addition to having a default email to create a certain order by email address (I have 9 because of business) that it checks each address in a certain order?

Last, I get many emails daily so that's one reason I'm concerned with this. It's a lot of email to erase off my iphone daily since I can easily get 100 emails or more. It just seems there would be an easier way with dealing with email to sync the actual email itself between two machines.