Well I have disccovered that actually iPhone really doesnt sync with entourage directly. What is does is sync with address book and ical and can pull over entourage calendars. Entourage has its own sync setting that allows it to sync its info over to those other two apps, and it does it when you close Entourage down, so if Entourage is your primary app, make sure you have that sync setting turned on to have it work right with contacts being sent over to your phone. There is still an issue in that whole mess that existed before the iphone and that us with contact images. If you add a contact picture/image to a contact entry in Entourage, it doesnt sync the image over to Address book, it only syncs the textual info. So once you sync with your iphone the pictures you added in Entourage wont show up on your phone. You have to manually add the same pictures to address book directly then sync again and the pics will come to your phone. That problem has always existed though. That's how I figured out it wasn't actually synching with Entourage. I shut down the option of having Entourage sync over to Address book, added an entry into Entourage, then resynced the phone. No entry came over. I then turned back on the sync between Entourage and Address book, closed out of Entourage, then resynced the phone and it showed up. I wish they would fix the image problem but there is no telling if it is an Apple address book problem or a Microsoft Entourage problem so that is one problem that will probably never get fixed. If iPhone would actually sync directly with Entourage, it wouldnt matter but obviously it doesn't.