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    Question about Good Holster Case-Griffin Elan or Belkin iPhone Holster Case?
    I purchased a 8GB iPhone yesterday. I'm used to using a Holster case with my current phone and like it a lot. I like how it protects it well and it's covered so no one can see the phone inside and it's easy to just pull out and use the phone itself without having it in a case. Maybe I will find another non holster style case I like but I really prefer the holster cases.
    Two I've looked at are the Griffin Elan Holster Case and the Belkin iPhone holster case. Both are listed on Apple's web site. They were sold out of them at the Apple store though. Are these nice cases or is one better than the other?
    Are there any other holster cases or other types of cases I should look at?

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    I have the Belkin Case and I like it a lot. Its sleek and I think it looks pretty good

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