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That's not the point I was trying to make. The fact that there are so many outlook users who want outlook syncing as one of the functions of their devices will detour some would be purchasers. Not to mention the lack of 3G will also detour many others,
I agree, I think that Apple is missing the largest section of the business market. But I have to think that they did it on purpose, and what I mean by that is that the intended market is obviously not the type a, always-wearing-a-bluetooth-headset, crackberry using, corporate businessperson. It's more the technology-as-a-fashion-accesory high end consumer types. They aren't looking at it as competing with business centered smartphones, so the lack of outlook sync and exchange compatibility isn't as important.

Apple has seemingly all but conceded the business market and concentrates it's energies on consumer devices. And as well they should, their biggest moneymakers in the last few years have been in the consumer space. Their workstations and servers have found some niches, but in the enterprise market Apple products are few and far between.