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    Adapting iPhone features to Video iPod
    I'm completely disinterested in the iPhone as of right now because I have T-Mobile (for at least another 18 months)..but do you think they're going to take the video iPod in a similar direction as the iPhone (iPod wise)?

    EDIT: Although i would still like to know thr answer to this question, I have another.

    They say the iPhone is Wi-Fi & EDGE supported.

    I'm clueless to wireless technology/ etc..but T-Mobile has an EDGE might it be available in the future?

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    I would think they'd be crazy not to take the iPod in the same direction- touch screen and giant display and whatnot. But, gotta keep everything seperate enough so you buy them all.

    Most 'revolutionary' phones that come out go to one provider first, and then more, later.
    He talks about in his keynote that cingular had to change things on their end, for certain aspects- visual voicemail specifically.
    So i'm guessing t-mobile and others will want in on the action... and work on these things as well.
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    I have no doubt that the 6G iPod will have a similar interface to the iPhone. This is what people have been rumoring for over a year and we've finally gotten a glimpse of it. I think once the iPhone hype dies down we will see this in an iPod with a 100GB hd. At the very latest it will be out by this fall for the holiday shopping season.

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