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    save data from iphone 5s can't input password
    My son broke his iphone 5s, dropped it and the screen cracked. now we can't input the password. he wants to save his data, photos so we can put them on new iphone. how can we get into the phone and how save the data. please help. i am a novice at best.

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    Was your son making backups of his 5s to either your computer (using iTunes) or to iCloud? If he made a recent backup, all his data can be restored to the new iPhone. If no backups were made, the best suggestion I can give you is to try and guess when the passcode question comes up on the screen, try typing it in. Normally, when the phone first comes on, it will ask to slide across the screen, and that's when the passcode question comes up. If you can't slide across the screen because it's cracked, you may be out of luck recovering the data without a backup.

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