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    iphone 5s not ringing
    i have iphone 5s, and since today it doesnt makes sounds.
    its not on silent, and the volume is loudest.
    if i plugg my headphones it works fine, but when i remove the headphones the iphone not makes sound at all.

    maybe the iphone thinks that the headphones still connect.

    What should I do?!

    Pls help me!

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    This has been a reported problem from some users. What happens is that the headphone jack on your iPhone gets dirty inside, maybe from "pocket fuzz" or whatever, and the phone thinks your headphones are plugged in. Try using a strong toothpick to clean the jack out. What's even better to use is a can of compressed air. You can buy them at most stores which sell electronic things. Blow a couple of blasts of air into the jack to clear it out.

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