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    iphone 5s charging port
    hey i have a really thoughtful question, i have an iPhone 5s and so does everyone else in my house hold, and they take my charger and use it and loose or break it so I'm fed up with it and coming here to see if there is anyway possible to make the lightning bolt charger a V9 by soldering a v9 charging port or does anyone have any better ideas of stopping ppl from using my chargers, as in a covert looking charger or a charger that looks different but you have to push it up for the lighting bolt charger to come up????? any ideas are great

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    and i refuse to get a battery pack charger

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    The charger is small enough to keep in your pocket! Besides, a USB charger to charge your iPhone 5s is an inexpensive item that can be purchased most anywhere. I've got at least six of them sitting around of which the most expensive was like $10.00. And no, you do not have to use the Apple charger to charge your iPhone.

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