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    EarPods break again
    Hello, I've owned 2 pairs of the Apple EarPods that came out a few years ago. While I love them, I've had issues with both pairs. With the first pair, one side stopped working unless you twisted the wires a certain way (but it still wasn't reliable). I got a new pair this christmas to replace them, but about a week ago, one side of THAT pair stopped working too. On this pair, the side doesn't work at all. Also, I have no idea how these broke, it wasn't like I was being careless or rough with them.

    Is this particular product prone to breaking? And is there a way I can fix the broken side of my second pair? I really would like to stay with these and not spend a lot on something like beats.


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    Apple ear buds are no different than the ones you can buy at any store that sells them. They're all prone to breaking after awhile. I've been thru probably 10 or 15 pairs of earbuds, Apple, Sony, Phillips, etc, etc. They're all made cheap and will eventually break. I did wind up buying some nice light-weight headphones which sound great but I only use them when I'm at home. Just keep extra pairs around for a quick replacement. And no, you can't repair any of them - at least making them last more than an hour after the repair.

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    Have you thought about getting a set of Bluetooth headphones. No wires to snag, and no risk of damaging the headphone port

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    I had a similar issue with two different brands of earbuds, but I've had no hassles with my EarPods. One pair I use 4/5 times a week at the gym (last 1.5 yrs), the other I use when driving company vehicles as a hands-free kit (~1 yr). The latter get thrown around and stuffed into pockets quite a bit and no hassle so far. My wife has also been using hers at the gym for the last 1.5 yrs.

    Do you roll you pods up nice and neatly and use the little strain relief link between the pod wires? Also, when unrolling/untangling them, do you do so gently or do you pull quite firmly?

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    Thanks everyone. I guess my next question is: Do you think it's worth buying a third pair of these apple ones or spending some money on something like Beats? I know it depends on a lot of things (money, how much I listen), but have any of you guys tried beats?

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    Quote Originally Posted by headphones2 View Post
    Thanks everyone. I guess my next question is: Do you think it's worth buying a third pair of these apple ones or spending some money on something like Beats? I know it depends on a lot of things (money, how much I listen), but have any of you guys tried beats?
    I definitely recommend investing in a good pair of headphone like beats or bose, I really don't like the earpods!

    I currently have a pair of beats studio hd and have had them for the past two years, I really can't complain. I think the sounds is perfect! I did buy a pair of in ear beats for everyday use but I struggled to keep them in my ear... don't know if that is just me but it was a right pain!!

    Bose make very good headphones, I have a friend who has a pair and he really likes them (more than the beats too).

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    Shure SE 215's are hard to beat for the money and have one of the most indestructible cables in the industry
    which are also user replaceable.

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    Most Beats headphones are very poorly regarded by music lovers because they introduce extra bass, which distorts the music. The latest Beats, the solo 2, have received better notices and readily admit that they "rebalanced" the sound mix (read: dropped the extra bass).

    I've owned two sets of EarPods, but I'm still on the first pair because they've been great with no problems. I got the second pair for my wife but she didn't like the fit (she's a special case on that point). I asked a couple of friends who have had EarPods for a year or two and no issues with them either. Not sure what you're doing to them but it sounds like the cord is getting yanked regularly and hard.

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