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    Heart Monitor
    When the iPhone 5 came out, I remember seeing something about a gadget which you attach to the iPhone and then to your wrist. It gives more information about your heart than an EKG. They mentioned a price of 199 USD. I have tried to find it somewhere on the internet with no success. Can someone direct me to this information?


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    Hi Doerwald - I cannot answer your specific question, but an EKG will provide information on your heart rate (HR), heart rhythm, and can suggest certain diagnoses, such as the presence of a myocardial infarction (heart attack). I can imagine a monitor attached to an i-Device providing accurate HR data but unlikely will be able to make diagnoses or give other information about the health of your heart.

    Of course, there are wrist devices to measure your BP (blood pressure) which would also determine one's HR - please tell us why you need such a device and for what purposes? BTW - I'm retired physician - Dave

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    There are a number of these devices available. Dave's right about needing to know more about your specific needs before making any suggestions. Have you discussed these devices with a doctor? Perhaps he/she has a recommendation or can at least tell you what information/readings would be most helpful to you.
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    I have no insight as to why the OP asked the question, but many folks who exercise regularly like to measure their heart rate after a regimen. Perhaps that's what he is referring to?

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    If HR is what he wants, Polar makes several with BT that are compatible with iPhone. I use Digifit to track my workouts, but Polar has an application also.

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    I thought all the fitness bands did this, but for something more medical-grade and/or for more detailed information, here's one example:

    GE, Airstrip collaborate on EKGs on iPhone, iPad | MacNN

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    Thank you all who replied to my question; you have answered it.

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