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    Iphone 5s Microphone Distorts Live Video
    I used to film bands often with my 4s and it was delightful. Even loud bands would get by with the built-in mic. My 5s is SO distorted compared to my 4s. Is there any way to adjust the sensitivity of the mic or turn it down or turn up the compression etc?

    Tried to google it but my search terms weren't generating hits other than complaints about the noise canceling mic killing sound all together or people complaint about call quality.

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    The only suggestion I can give you is to find someone else with a 5s and ask if you can check the sensitivity of their mic. If the same distortion is present, then you'll know it's not just your iPhone. If another iPhone 5s is OK, then I would be taking it to Apple and have them check it out. I would test that for you on my phone but I have a model 5c.

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    This would probably fix the problem for you:

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    I have the Tascam equivalent of this and it works a TREAT, but like the Blue Mikey seen above it is designed for 30-pin connectors rather than Lightning.

    Yes, the noise cancelling tech is what's causing the distortion on your phone, and no you can't turn it off except by using an external mic. The mic on the newer iPhones is (shocking, I know) designed for cell phone conversations, not live music recording.

    The good news is that if you get a Lightning to 30-pin adapter, the Tascam and Blue solutions work fine, and the sound quality is OMGSOMUCHBETTER than what you were getting on your iPhone 4S using the native mic. The adapter adds some extra bulk/length to the solution but the sound quality is a quantum order of magnitude better.

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