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sahmed974 03-15-2014 05:42 PM

iPhone 4S 16 GB Storage and Wifi Issues
My iPhone from today has had many problems. I updated months ago to iOS7, and had no problems since. So, my iPhone 4S is jailbroken to iOS7. And it has worked perfectly since it came out, and I've no issues. I've connected to Wifi a lot, as that's what I mainly use. Anyway, in my bedroom, for some reason, neither my moms phone (not jail broken) and my phone do not connect to the Wifi or is really slow. I got over it and use my brothers room more...anyway took my phone to the restroom (in my room). Usually the Wifi works in there. Adn so it wasn't working. So I decided to turn off and turn on my iPhone. I turn it back on, and it still won't connect. So I go to the Settings, and Wifi is dimmed out. I tried to restart network settings and stuff. But what else can I do to fix it?
And not only that but now it has storage problems. My iphone in Settings > General > Usuage says 13.2 GB used and that I only have 138 mb left. Then without even using the phone, it drops to 42. I counted up all the apps, music, photos, plus the documents and data, and it surmounts to 4.7 GB, not 13.2 GB. What is happening and how do I fix this? I do not have Apple Warranty or Apple Care. Thank you!

chscag 03-15-2014 09:20 PM

Attach your 4S to your Mac and to iTunes. First, make a backup of the phone to your Mac and then reset the phone. That will destroy the jail break but should get things functioning again for you. You can always jail break it once more if you wish and reinstall all your apps. Jail breaking an iPhone can induce instability and other problems.

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