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    iPhone 3GS no baseband, IMI, WiFi, Bluetooth
    Hi guys,
    I recently got my hands on an iPhone 3GS. The phone was working for 2 days, but then i noticed it has no WiFi, Bluetooth or network, just keeps "Searching..." Without a SIM aswell. It shows no Modem version, no IMEI or Wifi/Bluetooth adress.
    I tried a couple of things to fix this.
    I tried to restore it, but i always got error 11 or 1. Then finally I could restore to iOS4.1. Didn't work.
    I used many redsn0w versions to update its baseband to iPad 6.15.00, but no one of them worked. They started showing the running pineapple and saying: "Flashing baseband, dont interrupt" but then suddenly they all and always rebooted, each redsn0w version let the iPhone reboot here.
    I even opened the phone and took its logic board out and back in, but it didnt worked.

    My questions are:
    How can I make the baseband chip working again?
    If I can't, can I disable the phone functionality and use the iPhone3GS as an iPod3 without network connections?
    I read about interesting things with reflowing the logic board. Is it a good idea to heat my phone's motherboard? If it is, will my iPhone work after it?
    I have an iPhone 3G here, is possible to get it's baseband chip and install it on the iPhone3GS, or I souldn't I do it?

    iPhone3GS, black, 8GB
    New bootrom
    Checked, model number's 3rd, 4th and 5th caracters are: 1 0 1

    Any help is appreciated!
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