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    I didn't think much of this at first I've been experiencing a problem with my after market 3 metre data griffin lightening cables and one belkin cable (incidentally available in apples store on line) I'm now on my forth cable and it's stopped working. I'm very careful with everything encapsulated within my world of apple devices and always stowaway my cables very carefully. So to have lightening strike four times (no pun intended) is very strange!
    I decided to do a little research on line and found I was not alone, others had experienced similar problems, some suggest that this all stems from the ISO upgrades which do something more sinister in the back ground?
    It gets stranger I found online a picture and article of a strange piece of circuitry encased in the genuine lightening male part of the socket which would seem more than a power and sharing regulating device. An insider within apple has said this is to protect their product from none genuine data cables plus apple only want their cables to be used which obviously is a massive market opportunity and worth millions of extra revenue.
    I have spoken to one of apples sales team members and they are completely obvious too these issues surrounding none genuine data cables. Apple are not the only manufacturer to use this sort of security apparently other computer manufactures use clever bits of circuitry to stop none genuine cables being used on their computers.
    Unfortunately apple don't do a 3 metre cable however they are more than happy to offer alternatives from other company's from their web site, of which I've now tried all of them.
    I'm I barking up the wrong tree can anyone give me a definitive answer?

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    I have 3 lightning cables all 1 meter and they are all over a year old and all Apple not a problem so far 2 are used daily.

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    1. The fact that you mention that you "stow away" (not stowaway) your cables suggests to me that you're routinely moving them and bending them. This *could be* the source of the issue, why are you not just leaving them in place? Are then stretched tight or pulled in their normal use?

    2. I would think that Belkin or Griffin should offer you a replacement cable if one fails and its not a case of user abuse. Have you contacted them?

    3. Check for less expensive Lightning cable options, or re-think the need to string Lightning cables so far away from their source. I'm using two Apple cables and one after-market no-name Lightning cable (all one meter) here with no issues.

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    I assume by "ISO upgrades", you meant "iOS updates"? That is a possibility. There is a lot of circuitry in the lightning cable. If an update makes use of something not formerly used, then a knock-off non-certifed without the appropriate circuitry could stop working. If a chip fails, the cable fails. Can only recommend for this particular cable you buy Apple or Apple certified cables only... You could also try a USB extension cable rather than buying 3rd party 3 meter cables.

    I'm using several 1 & 2 meter Amazon Basics lightning cables with no issues thus far. They are, however, Apple certified - which means they have the appropriate circuitry.

    Have to agree with chas related to stowing away and pulling back out any sort of cable - not just the lightning cable. The more they're moved around the more likely they are to fail. Today's high tech cables are not the old RCA cables we knew and loved.
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