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    startup sounds
    well i dont know how my wife did it but when she turns her iphone 5 on it plays music for a short period. ilike thaat, id like to srtup my iphone 4s to play something when i first turn it on and also when i turn it off. ive been searching for over an hour and cant find anything about it. foudn a program called istartup sounds but think it has to be jailbreak to use. ive looked all in my phone to see where to find this feature but nothing.

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    You don't keep your iPhone turned on at all times? I keep our cell phones (my wife's iPhone and my dumb phone) on 24/7 since we don't have a hard wired phone in the house. With all the money you saved lately, trade in your old iPhone and buy a new iPhone 5c or s.

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    have a hard wired, also this iphone is new to me, got it from verizon last week. $.99, good enough for me, $45.00 a month unlimited text and talk, not much data but then i dont care about data, near wifi. did find out that the iphones dont have startup sounds.

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