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    Download old version of Garageband 1.0 for ios iphone
    Hello there! I updated my Garageband for ios (iphone) to 2.0, and now my files are not compatible with the garageband on my laptop. I cannot update my mac's garageband because, well, my computer is "too old".

    Is there any way to install an older version of an app onto my iphone 4? Specifically, Garageband for ios 1.0?

    It is not in my "purchased" area in the app store, only 2.0 is.


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    Other than reverting back to a previous backup of your phone's apps, I know of no way to go back to Garageband 1 (or whatever the actual version was).

    If your computer is too old for the currrent version of Garageband, you should probably do something about that in the longer term. From a podcasting point of view the new GB is a step backward, but from a musician point of view it is a significant step forward. The latest Garageband's only requirements are that it needs to run on an Intel machine that can handle Mavericks -- that's pretty much every Mac from 2008 onward, and a few models from 2007 as well! That's getting pretty old, computer-wise.

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