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    Found iPhone 5, will it work?
    I found an iPhone 5 by the curb walking home last week so I decided to pick it up. I am guessing it has been ran over as the screen is heavily damaged & the lcd is broken & it is slightly bent inwards where the mute button is. The IMEI has not been blocked so I am thinking to sell this phone but there's some questions I had. Would I be better off selling the phone in it's current state or fixing it then trying to sell it.

    It turns on, and all the buttons work but if I fix the screen and manage to be able to start it up properly will I get far or will it not work? I'd rather not spend 70 to fix the screen then to find out that it doesn't work so does anyone know if I'm better off selling it as it is on ebay as not working / for parts etc?

    (Also is there anything that I could do with it now to clear it or anything? I did try to restore it last night on itunes but I got this message: iphone update server could not be contacted, anything I can do?)

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    My humble suggestion is to do the right thing and give it to the police.
    Maybe they can track the owner and return the phone.

    If you would loose your iPhone I am sure you would like the person who finds it to return it to you.

    Cheers ... McBie
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    Or attempt to find out who the phone belongs to yourself (maybe you'll get lucky and there's no passcode). In either case, it's not your phone to sell.
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    Contact the police and see what they can do first before you do anything else with the phone.

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