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    how easy is it to scratch new iphone 5s camera lens
    i recently just got my new iphone 5s and i took it to a retail store because they where having a deal with a screen protector and it is covered for 2 years. When the lady that worked their was putting on my screen protector she was kind of rough with my new iphone which i was not very happy about about, anyway when she was putting on the protector she was sliding the phone around on the table and i was wondering of the chances are in which she could of scratched my camera lens. I checked around the phone for any marks on it, but I didn't find any. I keep checking the camera lens to make sure. I think I'm just ocd about it, but when I take photos every thing seems to be ok, its just that the phone is brand new and I hated for her to slide it around on the table like that. Am I being to ocd about this situation or what are the possibllities that the camera lens could of been scratched? I know the lens is made out of sapphire crystal, but not sure how strong that is.

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    I too would have been concerned if it was my phone. However, if the photos are OK and there is no physical damage or scratches, you can assume your phone is fine. You would think someone handling a $650 phone could have at least did the work on a soft cloth like surface.

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    Apple is using Sapphire glass on the new iPhones to protect the camera. It should be VERY VERY hard to scratch, but that's still no excuse for that woman's amateurishness. Make a polite suggestion that she use a cloth, if only to protect earlier iPhone and Android owners who don't have such ridiculously tough glass on their smartphones.

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