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    Iphone 5 wont connect to charger or itunes

    My problem started with the phone connecting and then flicking between charging and not charging when plugged in. Now however, nothing happens when my phone is plugged in. I have tried phone resets, bought a new cable and blew out any dust etc from the charging area... but nothing has helped!
    Im also living abroad at the moment so I am nowhere near an apple store!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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    If it's a hardware problem, and it sounds like it is, you'll need to take it to an authorized Apple service center for repair. If the charging connector on the phone is the problem or the circuitry, the entire phone would have to be changed out. If the phone is out of warranty, Apple will replace it with a refurbished phone for a nominal cost.

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    Sounds like a hardware issue, like chscag said. If you really would like to try and fix it before looking into having it replaced but try a software restore and see if it has any effect on the issues that you are having.

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