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    Iphone 4s Touchscreen Not Working.
    Hey everybody.

    I recently dropped my iphone and cracked the top right corner of it. The crack led to the screen cracking up even more and eventually the touchscreen stopped working. I ordered a new screen with a toolkit from the internet and followed a youtube tutorial to replace the screen. After the replacing the screen, the touchscreen is still not working, and im guesing maybe its a software issue?I also cant access my phone through itunes because i cant get through the 4digit passcode (obviously due the touchscreen not working.. Also i think i might've messed up the antenna cable next to the battery connector because my phone cant get hold of any sevices. It keeps saying "searching".

    Forgot to mention something: The old damaged screen was sorta working. Like the screen would move if i tried to unlock it but it would never fully go onto the unlock screen. I plugged in the old screen again and i was still getting some sort of response from the screen. I plugged the new one again and it didnt work at all, not even a slight response. This is alse leads me to believe that the part i got off amazon is probably faulty. Am i right?
    Can anyone tell me what im doing wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.


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    Quote Originally Posted by bnk View Post
    After the replacing the screen, the touchscreen is still not working, and im guesing maybe its a software issue?
    While we're guessing...another possibility is that something else other than the screen was damaged when the phone was dropped.

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