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chewbacaface 11-29-2013 04:45 PM

Anyone else having issues with touch scrolling after the update to iOS 7.0.4
If I hold my finger on the screen (any screen, email, browser, etc...) it will randomly jump to another screen. Or, it will open up the keyboard, or anything other crazy thing it can do. This happens on my personal 5s, my work 5s, and my iPad 3. So, I'm confident it is a software bug and not an issue with my hardware.

chas_m 12-04-2013 05:37 AM

I am not experiencing this. I think the other factor you might be overlooking is that the common factor here is you. I have tried replicating your issue but cannot.

Obviously when you hold your finger on the screen in some applications (like Mail) it will naturally bring up the magnifying glass as it should since you have indicated that you need closer detail on some text (by, you know, holding your finger on the screen). Where there isn't any text or clickable object, holding a finger on the screen does nothing (like on the desktop when not pointing to an icon, for example).

bobtomay 12-04-2013 07:25 AM

It is a touch screen. It is designed to do something when you touch it. Don't touch the screen unless you want it to do something.

You have only mentioned two apps that are specifically designed to do "something" when you touch the screen.

If you open Mail and hold your finger on the screen - it is going to:
a) open the keyboard if your finger is on the search box
b) open the email you have touched - aka jump to another screen - when you lift your finger from the screen
c) open the email box you have touched - aka known as jump to another screen

There is almost no place in the Mail app you can touch the screen and have it do "nothing".

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