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    iPhone child safety
    So i have an 8 year old daughter and she splits her time between me and my ex. I asked verizon for a good safe phone for restricting communication to only people i approve. I like all the parental controls for apps and browser and gps, but those are secondary concerns to who she is communicating with. I want her to be able to face time, call, text and email, but i only want her to be able to dend and recieve those communications from people I approve.

    I have entered all approved contacts into her address book and set her contacts to restricted so she cant add to and remove any from that list.

    I cant find any settings or apps that limit those communications to those in address book. is there any way to do this?

    please help, id like to give this to her for christmas, but i wont unless i can assure that she isnt communicating with people she shouldnt.

    thanks in advance for your help.

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    As far as I am aware - there is no setting nor app that will block all calls except those added to a list - on any phone - with any carrier.

    To find out what can be done - call Verizon tech support now that you have a phone in hand.
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    (proof that I am not a parent)

    Giving an eight-year-old a $700 smartphone is asking for trouble. Not only is there no way I know of to do what you want to do, but she'll just lose it or break it unless she is a pretty exceptional child.

    I'm of the "let kids be kids for as long as possible" school of thought. Probably hopelessly out-of-step. Pay me no mind.

    Edit: if you absolutely insist that she has to have a cell phone, get her one of those "senior phones" that's only good for calling pre-programmed numbers and 911. Way cheaper as well!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jday8480 View Post
    I asked verizon for a good safe phone for restricting communication to only people i approve.
    And what did Verizon recommend (you didn't specifically say)?

    And if it was an iPhone...what model are you thinking of (just curious)?

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    chas, normally i agree with you, however her mother is a little on the petty side and makes contact between us very difficult when she is away. in addition she is a fairly exceptional young lady, if i do say so myself. She is very responsible and mature for her age.

    When I discussed all of this with the salesman at verizon i explained what i wanted to do in detail and even mentioned the child safety phones they carried several years ago that only had 4 buttons and those were the only people you could communicate with. she said you can setup the iphone and my verizon that way and have gps visibility through find my iphone. now that i have it though i don't see anything on the device or "my verizon" even remotely like what we discussed.

    I have a business phone so I no longer have any use for my line on my verizon family plan and the iphone was free, so there was no cost associated with doing this for her.

    its an iphone 4s

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