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    transferring video from Iphone to CD or another Mac or Pc?
    Folks, my wife is in a quandary, shes working on her Masters and her group had to do a presentation and they were prepared to video it with a camcorder and the batter went dead, anyways they recorded the 45 minute presentation using an Iphone(I believe 4 or 4S), how can this video be taken off the Iphone and either be burnt to a CD or put on another computer or transferred to my wifes Airbook?
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Getting the video file off the phone should be fairly straight forward. If you normally sync the phone with a Mac of some stripe then do that and it will allow you to pull the video into iPhoto. IIRC, if you sync with a Windows PC you can open your iPhone directly and it will appear as a .MOV file that can be dragged and dropped onto your PC.

    If you have iMovie (and you can do this quite cheaply with iMovie on the iPhone itself if you don't have it on your Mac) then you can convert the video to MP4 which can then be burned to a DVD or moved to any other device.

    I am sure there are many other way of achieving the same results with freeware, but this is the approach I use.

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