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    Hi there! I just upgraded from my iPhone 4S to a 5S and am using iOS7 for the first time. A few basic questions:

    Are there any important privacy steps I should take, especially considering the fingerprint login?

    Anything in particular I should do to preserve battery life? I've heard iOS7 can be quite the power vampire.

    I thought I saw somewhere that iOS7 or iPh5S has a flashlight app already installed. Anyone?

    I'm not a huge fan of the white themes for notes and contacts and settings and whatnot, but I absolutely LOVE the look of the FaceTime ap! Anyway to get that going system wide?

    Any other advice is happily accepted! Thanks!

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    Enable the security code and finger print scan.

    To gain battery life turn off push notifications,push mail and Bluetooth.

    Access the control panel by swipe up from the bottom its there.


    Download the free book in the Apple book store on iOS7 lots of nice features to learn.

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    In addition to what osxx said:

    1. No, there's no concern about the fingerprint scan. It uses a passcode as a backup, so you should be very secure there.

    2. If you need Bluetooth (for a headset or what have you) another great pair of power-saving tips is to turn off the parallax feature (under "Accessibility -> Reduce Motion") and turn off the "app background refreshes" under General -> Background App Refresh for any apps that don't need it (that would be most of them). Here's a few more tips for saving power:

    7 Ways to Stop iOS 7 From Killing Your iPhone Battery

    (both of the ones I've mentioned are part of that list)

    3. The built-in flashlight is super useful.

    4. I'm sure a third-party "theme" utility will come along in due course, but more likely I'd say Apple will try to further improve battery by gradually turning off some of the more egregious white-out conditions in iOS 7 in future updates.

    5. Because it is now so easy to turn off BT and Wi-Fi when they are not needed, get into the habit of doing so when you're going to be away from signal/need for those for a while (like when hiking in a forest or some such).

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