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    Wink iphone 5s and i cloud
    just got the new iphone 5s and I dont really want the i cloud email. Do i need a email i cloud to use i cloud???? Thanks

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    If you want to use iCloud features, then you need an iCloud account - that's how it would sync all the different items between devices.
    You'll sign in to iCloud with your existing Apple ID and it will give you an iCloud email address also.

    If you don't want to use the iCloud email service - just don't use it or give that address out to anyone.

    (PS: it's one word - iCloud: like iPhone, iMac, iPhoto, etc.)
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    If you want to use it however, you get an account which includes the email address. That said, nothing is stoping you from not using the email functionality.
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    great thanks everyone.

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