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Thread: Reset iPhone to default

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    Reset iPhone to default
    How do I reset my iPhone and wipe all information? I have mistakenly setup 2 accounts for iTunes and its becoming very confusing so I would like to remove one.?

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    Attach your iPhone to your Mac or PC and open iTunes. The iPhone should show up in iTunes on the left side. Select reset iPhone. Make sure you have a backup of all your photos, messages, music, and whatever you need from the iPhone before doing this.

    However, resetting your iPhone and wiping it is not going to remove the extra account from iTunes. When you say you setup two accounts, do you mean you have two Apple IDs?

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    Nov 22, 2010
    Yes I have two apple ids, myself and my wife and it makes it confusing to have both on same phone.
    My main problem is I cant access iCloud. I have another thread running. I lost my Contacts overnight for no apparent reason. They are on my iCloud account when I log in on PC, but when I try to access on iPhone I have to agree t & c's. When I click to agree I get message "Unable to connect to server"
    I have a backup in iTunes, but when I try to restore, I am told to go to iCloud and switch off Find a Friend before I can restore. Cant get into iCloud to turn off Find a Friend?

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