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Thread: iForgot & unable to read security question

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    iForgot & unable to read security question
    Apparently my fat fingers don't allow me to enter my Apple ID password correctly on my iPhone so I got sent to iForgot.

    Fine...I'll go through the process of setting up a new password; why I can't just keep the old one is very annoying.

    I get asked 2 security questions where the questions are written in light grey font in the actual text box. I guess no one bothered to actually test to see if the question fits in the text box or if simple users know how to scroll through the text so they can actually read the entire question because all I was able to read was:
    What is the name of the street you ...

    Rotating the phone didn't help so now I've just accepted I will have to deal with it later.

    Question is whether anyone knows if it is possible to read the question or if I have to inform Apple of their amateur mistake (don't even know how to do that).

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    While I surely understand your point of not being able to read the whole thing on the screen...
    The real answer to those type of security questions is that it does not matter what the question is:
    (There won't be two security questions asking "what street" or what school", etc.)

    DO NOT provide the real answer to those questions.

    No matter what the question is, the answer should be something like: janRpjPd9ckt4h

    Use a password manager. I keep all of that info and actually put the answer in 1Password and then copy/paste from 1Password to the form.
    In iOS, you could put it in Notes, Evernote, or somewhere until you get home and transfer to your password manager.
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