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    Hey All

    I've done multiple seraches for this and I find I am still not clear if you can in fact have playlist subfolders on your iPhone. Some people seem say they can do it on their Ipod's, but I find there is more questions out there about the iPhone than answers.

    In ITunes I can do this, but when I sync that with my iPhone it seems to combine the subfolders into one giant playlist. Is there anyway to maintain the original subfolders.

    Just for example. I like to have multiple "work out" place lists, depending on my mood and what I am doing. I'd like to combine multiple workout playlists under one larger workout folder.


    I like to have the full album of a particular artists, but I also like to have playlists of just that band's greatest hits if you will. So on iTunes I have a "Greatest Hits" folder, with a U2, Fleetwood Mac etc.

    Anyway I can do this? If so how? I am using a iPhone 4S if it matters.


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    There's no way to have sub-folder playlists. Just make each one a playlist in it's own right

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