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    Help! iPhone4 won't sync suddenly, all storage is "Other"!
    Hey everyone! I apologize if this is the wrong place to post! I was looking for a better spot!

    I'm in some desperate need of help! I've been a longtime apple user. This is a bit complicated. Going to try and make it clear and simple. It's an iPhone 4 that's well taken care of, and running the latest version of iOS7.

    -We all have iPhones. We use the same itunes account to share music between us all. Then -we each have a personal itunes account for iMessages, facetime, etc per iPhone.
    Our computer uses the buying account. Our phones use our personal accounts. We plug in to get our music.

    -I've had no trouble in the past. Suddenly songs are saying they aren't authorized to be added to the iPhone. All accounts are authorized on the computer. Old songs are not being removed, it's just new ones won't be added.

    -We tried logging into the computer account on the iPhone to download right there on the phone from Purchased. The songs got stuck at "Processing" after downloading and were not added to the phone. We logged the phone back into the personal account, and plugged it into the computer.

    Now we can't add any song from our library to the phone. The phone shows 28gigs of "Other", instead of the categorized space. It's a pretty big mess from the way I'm looking at it, and I'm not sure what to do! I feel like I've tried everything! I want to be able to add new music to our iPhones just like how we used to.

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    I'd suggest a hard boot to start with - hold sleep/wake and home until the phone goes black and the apple symbol appears. Then try again.

    If it's still showing 'other' as everything I'd do a backup and restore of the phone in iTunes

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