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    Trouble with group messaging
    I cannot receive (or send) group messages on my 4s. I used to, but I changed some settings when we went to Europe (to block incoming calls, messages, etc. to avoid crazy charges). I thought I got everything back to my previous, but possibly not.
    In settings, I found I had "Group Messaging" turned off, but after I turned it on, still nothing. I turned off and on the phone - no help.
    After some more "playing", I turned off the "MMS Messaging" (which hid the "Group Messaging" option) and then I could send a group message. But I still cannot receive them!
    What gives? Any ideas?
    When I am at work, there is free wifi, but you need to log in to access it. I don't do this because I don't need to use internet for phone at work, but it doesn't let me get internet unless I manually turn off the wifi to make the 3G available. Could this "inability" to get the wifi, while not having the 3G available cause the problems with the group messaging?
    Or am I grasping at straws?

    Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.

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    For starters turn wifi off so that that's no longer part of the issue.

    Then read this: iOS: Understanding group messaging

    In summary, group messaging only works with MMS and iMessage. Sending an SMS to multiple people just sends individual messages to each recipient, the 'group' does not see the group replies.

    In light of this information is it working/not working as it should?

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