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    screen protector
    ok so at&t didnt have the good screen protectors and had to settle for the cheap ones. she showed me one on her iphone 5 that you could just about drag a nail across. can remember what it was called. suggestions ?

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    My suggestion is try going without a screen protector for awhile and see how you like it. I had one on my iPhone for over a year and never did like the feel of it. I finally took it off a few weeks ago and I swear I'll never use one again. The bare glass just feels so much better (kinda like going without a condom) and is easier to keep clean. If you're worried about scratching or harming the screen, get a bumper case that protrudes past the screen or covers it altogether when not in use. Never hurt my screen on a drop and glass is harder to scratch than most people think. Breaking is a different story, but a screen protector will hardly help you there...

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    I have always preferred the approach of buying a case that has a "lip" over the front so that if I ever drop the iPhone (luckily I never have) and it lands face down, the glass still wouldn't be damaged. I guess because I'm always mindful of how much a replacement would cost, I've been careful in handling the iPhone and haven't had any issues so far.

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    I use front and back Invisible Shield by Zagg. Mainly because 1) I carry my phone in my pocket at all times, 2) I don't like cases but want to protect it from scratches, and 3) I re-sell my iPhone every 2 yrs when my AT&T contract is up and buy a new one and I want maximum value out of it.

    I actually got the HD protection on the front because it's very smooth to the touch and just standard on the back.
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    Hmmm, that's a good idea for those who want to go "caseless." I might consider that when I get my iPhone 5s.

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    I have found Belkin screen protectors to be a good product. I use a screen protector on the front and have a Ted Baker case which covers the sides and back. This is a very slim case with a rubberised finish to help prevent dropping.

    I always think it's a shame to have a slim phone like the iPhone 5s and put a bulky case on it. I keep mine in my hip pocket, so compactness is important to me.

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    Used Zagg for awhile. Have been using Tech Armor for the last few - inexpensive at Amazon and appears to be the same as Zagg. I use the matte/anti fingerprint protectors on the front and have another brand coming for back protection - which I won't name since I haven't seen or tried it yet. Don't want a case on it while using it.

    Recommend Sena cases - my first one, bought for the first gen iPhone and now houses a 3GS used as an iPod, is now over 6 yrs old and has worn like you would expect any fine leather product.
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    vote for Zagg too. I don't like the feel, but you can't beat the protection.

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